soft-LED and COVID-19

Due  to the regulations of the Austrian Government and taking over responsibility for our employees and their families we adopt our working schemes to current situation.  We applied for short-time work in our production. Our management and sales team will work from home and will be happy to answer your inquires sent by  our contact form,  via e-mail: or by telephone +43 2622 90409.

We are prepared to deal with this extraordinary situation. SMART ARENAS are on stock. We are able to deliver your orders without any delay.  We are looking forward to meet you in virtual discussions on future projects. Lighting calculations also can be executed within short time.

We will keep you informed on interesting topics concerning LED large-scale lighting in the next week on our website and through social media.

Hopefully these difficult times will find an end quite soon and we are able to develop great lighting projects together.


soft-LED Team

SMART ARENA: Production is Going Full Speed

There is one expression which will describe soft-LED’s activities in the first 2 months of 2020: busy as a bee.

Busy as a bee soft-LED team started the production of SMART ARENA TERA 2.0 in 2020 and succeeded already in delivering first projects. 2 Austrian soccer grounds and a high-class tennis court already got perfect light.

High performance CoBs and well-engineered reflector-technique score with perfect illumination uniformity  – which is a main reason for operators of sports grounds to go for SMART ARENA when thinking about switching form old, electricity guzzling technology to new energy saving LED installations.

Precision and quality  are  the 2 main pillars for the Austrian producer of high performance floodlights. Take a look and get some impressions of the production site.

A good start into 2020: SMART ARENA featured in MONDO STADIA MAGAZINE!

Back from holiday soft-LED team is very glad to see a new article about SMART ARENA TERA 2.0 in famous british MONDO STADIA Magazine. It’s a fine compliment to presented together with some of the big brands of the sector!

Reed the article  in full!

SMART ARENA benchmarks for outstanding uniformity of illuminance

The athlets of Stadium Mödling are already in training, well-lit by SMART ARENA floodlight. In accordance with our slogan “game-changing lighting” we are proud to announce a record:

The official photometry data were published testifying an outstanding uniformity of illuminance.  No other stadium in Austria will outmatch Mödling in this respect! Even requirements for international divisions are fulfilled and medium standard for regional devision of illuminace 150 lux is surpassed.

Here are the results – put in a nutshell:

  • Medium Illuminance (Lux): 201,4   Minimum Illuminance (Lux): 171,6  Maximum Illuminance (Lux): 229,9
  • Ratio of uniformity of illuminance G1 (min/medium) 0,85
  • Ratio of uniformity of illuminance G2 (min/max) 0,75

Due to this perfect set-up the athlets  of SC Mödling und AFC SonicWall RANGERS will rush into a successful and delightful new sports season.

New generation SMART ARENA TERA 2.0 arrived on soccer field!

Strike on strike! After an intensive developping stage the new generation of LED-floodlights is ready for sale: SMART ARENA TERA 2.0! More compact, lighter, smaler. This brings a lot of advantages for operators of existing sports facilities concerning static and wind load.

First home of SMART ARENA TERA 2.0 will be sports ground Mödling, Austria.

The cover picture shows the first partly refurbished mast. The big, mighty and energyeating floodlights are out!  Energy consumption of these floodlights, which were introduced in 1988, amounted to 80.000 Watt. The very elegant SMART ARENAS are satisfied with 20.000 Watt. We guess these numbers do not need any further comments.

Opening Night for SMART ARENA in Putzleinsdorf!

Opening Night! SMART ARENA light was turned on in Putzleinsdorf the first time for a local derby on 24 th, August. Putzleinsdorf was celebrating a 3:2 victory against Union Vorderweißenbach.

Congrats from the whole soft-LED Team and thank you so much for the impressive pics!

New SMART ARENAS on their way!

Two Austrian Soccer-Clubs are waiting for their new LED Floodlight. As production of the SMART ARENA is done in Wiener Neustadt there was no time for summer holiday. Now the SMART ARENAS are ready for dispatch. As soon as they are mounted at their destinations pictures and reports will follow.

DSG – UNION Putzleinsdorf uniform 230 Lux on lawn

DSG – UNION Putzleinsdorf uniform 230 Lux on lawn.

Some more imoressions from Putzleinsdorf and some specification concerning the uniformity ratio of SMART ARENA illuminance. Average illuminance scores with 230 Lux. The relation between average and maximum illuminace (g1) is specified with 0,85. The proportion between minimum and maximum level of illuminane (g2) is specified with 0,7.

Quite proud to announce this data.

SMART ARENA at Beach-Volleyball Championship 2019 in Hamburg

SMART ARENA at Red Bull Beach Arena in Hamburg

Beach-Volleyball championship takes place in Hamburg from June 28th to July 7th, 2019. 96 teams are going for championship.

SMART ARENA TERA HIGH END illuminates the great derby! 54 Flood-lights in configuration SOLO produce 2500 Lux on sand. SMART ARENA HIGH END offers outstanding uniformity and can be DMX dimmed without any flicker and completey smooth. All modern TV- requirements are met.

The mega event takes place at Red Bull Beach Arena accomodating 13.000 spectators. Please feel free to watch how this incredible venue is built up! You can even see the SMART ARENA flood-lights – if you look closely.


DSG – UNION Putzleinsdorf uniform 230 Lux on lawn.

We proudly present the next Austrian soccer pitch in best SMART ARENA light: DSG UNION Putzleinsdorf.

SMART ARENA floodlights guarantee outstanding uniformity with 230 Lux on lawn ready for sports competition. SWITCH DIMMING function of SMART TERA ADVANCED allows to switch very comfortably to 100 Lux or 150 Lux when training situations take place.

Refitting was done within a few days. On 4 masts we now have on each 9 modules of floodlight, which were dispatch already assembled on transverse traverse.

Putzleinsdorf is looking forward to a successful sports season in autumn. On October 5th, 2019 the new flood-lighting will be officially introduced with a sportive highlight – the iconic derby against UNION 1947 LEMBACH.