DSG – UNION Putzleinsdorf uniform 230 Lux on lawn.

We proudly present the next Austrian soccer pitch in best SMART ARENA light: DSG UNION Putzleinsdorf.

SMART ARENA floodlights guarantee outstanding uniformity with 230 Lux on lawn ready for sports competition. SWITCH DIMMING function of SMART TERA ADVANCED allows to switch very comfortably to 100 Lux or 150 Lux when training situations take place.

Refitting was done within a few days. On 4 masts we now have on each 9 modules of floodlight, which were dispatch already assembled on transverse traverse.

Putzleinsdorf is looking forward to a successful sports season in autumn. On October 5th, 2019 the new flood-lighting will be officially introduced with a sportive highlight – the iconic derby against UNION 1947 LEMBACH.