WE PROUDLY PRESENT: The solution against glare and light scatter: DLC (Direct Light Control) -System by SMART ARENA

Meanwhile all of us know the advantages of LED-technology which are energy efficiency and considerable lifespan of illuminants.

But sometimes those advantages are a bit shadowed by disadvantages which already troubled lighting designers and – even more important – adjoining neighbors: high degree of unwanted light immissions and glare in surrounding areas.

Why does LED so poorly perform concerning glare and light scatter?

Light immissions and glare outside of usable range of lighting are a result of using lenses for directing light. Even notable producers of floodlights are using cheap plastic lenses for light directing.

But – SMART ARENA does not!  Our concept to work with LED COB’s (point-light sources) in combination with proven reflector technology allows accurate geometrical cutting out non desired light pollution.

We are quite proud to announce that SMART ARENA will meet all requirements concerning glare and elucidation of space of  ÖNORM O 1052 as well as strict German regulations to reduce light immissions. DLC-System meets all targets. Other producers will not even try to offer you a similar promise.

We will keep you informed by about DLC-System in future.

And – that’s for sure: there will not be any changes for the user or the assembly operator. Everything stays as simple a it is.  Lighting calculation inclusive calculation of cut out areas will be done by soft-LED. All fixtures will be delivered ready to install – and installation itself will be as usual.