New Lighting Records Scored by soft-LED: Ultra Narrow 6° Beam Angle and 70.000 Lumen

Max 15° beam angle – that’s it. There is no way to focus light in a more narrow beam angle by using common lenses. If  metal halide lamps with narrow beam reflectors shall be replaced by LED floodlights, you are approaching a problem.  Technical limits prevent lighting designers from using LED floodlights for long distance beams and high vertical illuminance.

SMART ARENA exceeds all technical limits with combining LED high performance CoBs and proven reflector technique.

Lighting engineers will be filled with wonder when hearing about the recent results measured at lighting lab: The ultra narrow optic of new PETA series floodlight only has a 6° beam angle reaching 70.000 Lumen!

Yes, you got it right! These results outclass any other product in the market many times.

And – it opens very interesting opportunities: Real retro-fit solutions for all 4 mast soccer sites will become close to reality. Game Changing Lighting – that’s the way we do it!