10 years of warranty – can this be a serious promise?

It staretd to become more and more darkish in the the high bay warehouse of Nikitscher Metalwaren. The original 400 Watt Metal Halide Lamps are not on the market anymore. So new lamps have to be bought. For test purposes 20 China origniated LED-lamps were bought. But what a surprise: Whitin some months all 20 pieces broke down – 16 hours daily operation time was to much for chinese quality.

Now looking for an European high-quality producer Nikitscher found soft-LED and asked for 120 months – 10 years – warranty!

Can it be serious to offer 120 months warranty for a electronic device in countinuous operation?

Yes, it is serious. But you have to open your technical bag of tricks. The magic word is called “underdrive case”. “Underdrive case” means that only part of the power of LED and driver is used. In the case of Nikitscher only 200 Watt per beam spot are needed to reach the neccessary level of illuminance. The LED used shows a power rating of 500 Watt. This means that only 40% of the available wattage is used.

Lifetime is increased up to more than 100.000 hours: 120 months of warranty are a serious promise.

Shortly 105 SMART ARENAs will be delivered to Pinkafeld. And there is an extra advantage to be announced: Nikitscher saves per beam spot 200 Watt – this means all together 21.000 Watt. And this is the moment when the eyes of the cost control manager are sparkling with joy.