SMART ARENA benchmarks for outstanding uniformity of illuminance

The athlets of Stadium Mödling are already in training, well-lit by SMART ARENA floodlight. In accordance with our slogan “game-changing lighting” we are proud to announce a record:

The official photometry data were published testifying an outstanding uniformity of illuminance.  No other stadium in Austria will outmatch Mödling in this respect! Even requirements for international divisions are fulfilled and medium standard for regional devision of illuminace 150 lux is surpassed.

Here are the results – put in a nutshell:

  • Medium Illuminance (Lux): 201,4   Minimum Illuminance (Lux): 171,6  Maximum Illuminance (Lux): 229,9
  • Ratio of uniformity of illuminance G1 (min/medium) 0,85
  • Ratio of uniformity of illuminance G2 (min/max) 0,75

Due to this perfect set-up the athlets  of SC Mödling und AFC SonicWall RANGERS will rush into a successful and delightful new sports season.