New generation SMART ARENA TERA 2.0 arrived on soccer field!

Strike on strike! After an intensive developping stage the new generation of LED-floodlights is ready for sale: SMART ARENA TERA 2.0! More compact, lighter, smaler. This brings a lot of advantages for operators of existing sports facilities concerning static and wind load.

First home of SMART ARENA TERA 2.0 will be sports ground Mödling, Austria.

The cover picture shows the first partly refurbished mast. The big, mighty and energyeating floodlights are out!  Energy consumption of these floodlights, which were introduced in 1988, amounted to 80.000 Watt. The very elegant SMART ARENAS are satisfied with 20.000 Watt. We guess these numbers do not need any further comments.